Booking Appointments

You can book appointments by phone at 250-418-8878

OR… If you are registered…

Registered Patients can Book Appointments & view their test results Online.

ALL Booking of Online appointments will be suspended until Further Notice

TeleMedicine Is Here

Now you can have a Virtual appointment with your Doctor

2. You must Call to Book your Virtual Appointment
You must have a completed Consent Form on file
Moss Rock Medical • 1282 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC V8V 4W3 • Phn: 250-418-8878 Fax: 250-418-8879
Moss Rock Medical • 1282 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC V8V 4W3
Phn: 250-418-8878 • Fax: 250-418-8879


Appointments are available if you are a patient of one of our doctors:

  • Dr. Dennis Francis
  • Dr. Lindsay Hawkins
  • Dr. Kristen Iverson
  • Dr. Chelsey Lane
  • Dr. Stuart Marshall
  • Dr. Tara McCallan
  • Dr. Charles Medhurst
  • Dr. Gary Nielsen
  • Dr. William Cavers (Locum)

Please let us know what type of appointments you need:

  • Regular Office visit: prescription renewals, follow ups, a new health concern
  • Complete Physical Exam: offered to patients with ongoing health concerns
  • Well Women Exam: pap/ breast exam
  • Counseling Appointment
  • Drivers Medical
  • Urgent/ Same Day Access: we have appointments available daily with one of our doctors for same day needs
Missed appointments: All appointments require a 24hr notice to cancel or reschedule. If we are not notified you will be charged a missed appointment fee.
Only regular appointments are available online. If you want a special appointment for a complete physical, longer appointment for counseling, baby wellness, or for minor surgery, we ask that you phone our office 250-418-8878 ext.0. During periods of time when your physician is away, online appointments will be booked directly with a locum physician.

Our Doctors

Our doctors are dedicated family physicians providing comprehensive care across the age spectrum.


We are located at the corner of Fairfield & Moss.
1282 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC V8V 4W3

Our Office hours are: Monday to Friday 8AM- 6PM
Phone hours: Monday to Friday 8:30AM- 4:00PM

Phone: 250-418-8878
Fax: 250-418-8879

Urgent matters and emergencies:
For emergent care please call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency department
For non-emergent health concerns and questions please contact health-link at 8-1-1 to speak with a registered nurse.
For urgent matters a doctor is available on call, please check answering machine for contact information.

ALL Booking of Online appointments will be suspended until Further Notice

Online Appointment Booking

Records and Appointments Online

If you are interested in Booking Appointments or Accessing your Medical Records Online… please call for a User ID.
View/Print Moss Rock Online Booking Instructions

Effective January 2020, our fees for uninsured services have increased to follow recommendations by the Doctors of BC Guide for uninsured services

Registered Patients can also use the AERO PATIENT mobile app to book appointments and access their records.

Use these settings…
ID: your ID
Password: your password

View/Print the Moss Rock Medical Privacy Policy


Does TeleMedicine work for you?


  • When you are sick and possibly infectious (contagious) and want information on your care.
  • Follow-up on investigations when a repeat face to face examination is not required.
  • Prescription repeats for stable conditions, excluding controlled substances (painkillers, sedatives).


  • For conditions that would require an examination.
  • Major new diagnoses or major complex discussions; videoconferencing does not easily transmit the nuances of a conversation, including non-verbal communication, and runs the risk of seeming impersonal.
  • Prescriptions for controlled substances (painkillers and sedatives) or cannabis. Doctors’ licensing bodies stress that this should not be done.
  • Patients that have not seen their Dr for a long time

Software Requirements

Windows PC

Use Google Chrome • FireFox


Use Safari 11+ • FireFox


For optimum performance you are advised to close all other programs

View/Print the Moss Rock TeleMedicine Patient Instuctions
View/Print the Moss Rock TeleMedicine Consent Form
Moss Rock Medical • 1282 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC V8V 4W3 Phn: 250-418-8878 Fax: 250-418-8879

Moss Rock Medical • 1282 Fairfield Rd, Victoria BC V8V 4W3
Phn: 250-418-8878 • Fax: 250-418-8879



  • December 24 and 25 - Closed
  • December 28- 30 - Regular Hours
  • December 31- 8am- 12pm
  • January 1 - Closed
  • January 4 - Regular Hours Resume


  • The first supply of a COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in BC.
  • Please note that the COVID-19 vaccine is not available for everyone at this time. Vaccines will be distributed in phases over the coming months.
  • The first phase of 4,000 doses will be given to frontline health providers working in long-term care, assisted living, ICUs, ERs and COVID medical wards. Healthy providers will ensure the safety of the patients they care for.
  • Other priority groups will receive the vaccine in the coming weeks and months. It is currently anticipated that everyone will have the opportunity to be vaccinated in 2021.
  • We will let you know when and where you can get the vaccine as it becomes available.
  • Thank you for your patience, and please continue to do all you can to prevent spread of the virus, and to keep you and your loved ones safe. This means wearing a mask when you’re out, limiting your contacts to those living in your household – especially over the holidays – and washing your hands frequently. 

We continue to limit face to face appointments with patients. Please call to book a phone or virtual appointment and if your physician requires to see you in person they will arrange this.


Masks are mandatory if you are entering the clinic.